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Why i fail to lose weight?


Healthy habits seem difficult to approach at first but the only way to get used to them is through repetition continue. Make healthy choices and let them have already become usual and even reason to lust!


Already I wrote in the first part that could not lose some reasons why and I said to continue because there are a lot of causes that must take into account all. Maybe you will not agree with some of the presented today and most likely many of them still have potential topics for debate.


Why not lose weight and how to overcome stagnation period?

In the moment when you lose weight, your body will oppose. Maybe you’ll be able to lose weight pretty much from the start even without much effort, yet while the weight loss will slow down after a while. Besides the reasons for not see that it lose some strategies to exit from a period of stagnation and accelerate the metabolism place.

1. Not doing enough cardio
 In the first part I mentioned about the importance of strength training, weight training, and now have to make honorable mention of cardio training. I see many people despise about this form of exercise but, in fact it comes with a lot of benefits for the body.
Cardio is very effective to burn visceral fat around the organs develops and causes various disease.
2. You do not cut the carbohydrates

I not necessarily promote a low-carb diet although I personally like the idea, especially since many of those who want to be toned choose this path. If several kilograms of weight loss and / or metabolism problems like type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, then perhaps you should to consider low-carb diet.

In short-term studies, this type of diet has proven that led to a significant weight loss of 2-3 times more than a diet like the dedicated “low-fat”, we still see too often promoted.
Low-carb diets can lead to the improvement of many metabolic markers such as triglycerides, HDL cholesterol and blood sugar, naming just a few.

3. You eat too often

Although the idea is still promoting small and frequent meals, you know that I am not a great supporter. And leaving aside my personal opinion, and studies show that eating smaller meals and more to accelerate metabolism and weight loss is a myth.

Studies show that meal frequency has little effect on burning fat and weight loss.
I can understand that preparing and eating food the whole day can be inconvenient. Even slows and complicates healthy eating.

Let’s not forget and highly effective method of losing weight post called intermittent, involving not feed you over an extended period of time (15-24 hours or more).

4. Do not pay attention to eating

Eating consciously is one of the most powerful methods of weight loss. Involves eating more slowly, without distractions, savoring every mouthful of food and, while listening natural signals that you announce you got brains enough.

Numerous studies show that eating can lead to weight loss conscious and can reduce the frequency of binge eating episodes.

Here are some tips to be more aware of eating:

eat without distractions, you only get with food sitting at the table
do not rush you eat and chew more. Try to be aware of colors, smells, flavors and textures
when you feel the sensation of fullness, drink some water and stop eating.

5. Do you have a medical problem that clogs the weakening

There are some medical problems that can bedevil your weight and weight loss becomes more complicated. Among these include hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and sleep apnea.

Some medications can aggravate weight loss and can even cause weight gain. If you read through the adverse effects that would be fattening talk to your doctor.

6. You starved for too long
We talked in the past about the effect of yo-yo dieting and drastic about how to restore the body to normal.
7. Do not have realistic expectations for weight loss

The weakening is a much slower process than they would like many of us. Although it is possible to lose weight quickly at first, few people can continue to weaken at a faster pace than half a kilogram per week.

Another problem is that many people have unrealistic expectations about how achievable are the results using only a healthy diet and sport.

The truth is that we can not all look like models or like bodybuilders, many will stop in the genetic path to that dream image (which can be remodeled course). If you already dropped some weight and feel good about yourself, but the needle scales seems to not want to move, then maybe you should start working on self-esteem.
At some point, your weight will reach a point where your body healthy is comfortable. Maybe you will not have to fight to get more.

8. You focus too much on diet

Diets almost never works long term. On the contrary, studies show that dieters arrive in time to put back more weight than they took him down.

Rather than focus on keeping a diet religiously, you better make a goal of being healthy, happy and in good shape. Focus on feeding the body and let’s not deprivation weakening come as something absolutely natural.

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