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Top 5 foods to be avoided at all costs for diets

Top 5 foods to be avoided at all costs for diets

A healthy and balanced diet is the best way for weight loss. Foods rich in nutrients are needed, but equally important are the foods that need to stay away.

These are mainly processed and contain dyes, refined sugar, trans fats and artificial flavors.
To get straight to the point I want to show you how you fooled daily and forced to make inappropriate choices for your health.

The Grand food producers from food industry fooling your brain to believing that artificial taste prepared in the laboratory is a pleasant one. For example: sodas. What are they? A mixture of water with sugar and artificial flavors at a price overrated. Not only you are tricked to buying, but processed foods creates a state of dependency that occur due to chemical reactions in your brain that associate the taste with pleasure. So you get to be the biggest enemy of your body, without even you realize.

Foods to avoid in the diet:

The following list of foods should be avoided at all costs if you truly want to be healthy and reach a normal weight.


It contains about 42 calories per 100 ml, which means that a large bottle of 2.5 liter will deliver no more and no less than 1,050 calories. Given that your caloric needs is somewhere around 2,000 calories, yourself can evaluate the devastating impact of juices in your diet.

Commercial white bread:
Did you know that a single slice of ordinary bread (25 grams) contains 70 to 90 calories? That means that a whole bread easily reached 900-1000 calories. Replace white bread with with whole grain breadl if you want to make a noticeable difference in your slimming process.

They are true caloric bomb that should be avoided at all costs. The only time of day when you can reward yourself with something sweet is the meal after training. If you eat something sweet in more than 45 minutes after your exercise session, these little sweet leaks will not submit, but will contribute to raising insulin levels normal. If you feel a constant need to eat something sweet is possible to have a low blood sugar in the blood. In this case it is recommended to turn to the advice of a doctor, who will probably recommend dietary supplements and replace sweets with fruit.


I would like to dwell on alcohol for a few seconds. I compiled a list of the main alcoholic beverages and the calories it contains. Remember that a night out you can compromise the progress made so effortlessly.

* gin, 100 ml, about 200 calories.

* vodka, 100 ml, about 220 calories

* liquor, 100ml, up to 350 calories

* martini, 100 ml, about 250 calories

* rum, 100 ml, about 250 calories

* Champagne, 100 ml, up to 300 calories

* tequila, 100 ml, around 150 calories

* wine, 100 ml up to 150 calories

* whiskey, 100 ml, about 250 calories

Eating fast food:
I do not think that necessary to say that a fast-food menu contains all the calories you need for a full day and zero nutrients.
Choose healthier alternatives!
The following foods are not prohibited, but it is recommended to consume a lesser amount or to replace them with healthier alternatives.
* squeezed fruit juices – whole fruit, teas.
* coffee with sugar simple coffee, black tea, coffee sweetened with honey or stevia
* fruit salad whole fruit, vegetable salad
* white rice and whole grains whole grains, brown rice, black bread
Avoid these foods to get results. Do not choose compromises, otherwise you seriously are compromising the chances of success.
And do not forget about moving your ally unbeatable against extra pounds!

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