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The Cinch Diet, lose at least 5 kg weight!

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Now that the winter holidays have passed, we are all looking for a miracle diet to get rid of the extra kilos that came bundled with tasty food served Christmas and New Year. And even you can rely on us! bodyfit.ga was documented and diet Cinch! It seems to be saving solution! Here’s how to lose weight 5 kg in one month!

you want to lose weight at least 5 kg this month?

Then try Cinch! Cynthia Sass, nutritionist and trainer SHAPE, is the one who thought this particular program that promises you will not go wrong! If the 5 kg expect them to be rid diet followers in 30 days, well it will be! Guaranteed!

Cinch Diet – Lose weight easily and effectively

At first, Cynthia followed the diet itself that conceived it, and the results were spectacular. Founder of Cinch! He wanted to forge a food program simple, effective, that does not deprive anyone of favorite foods, and especially the ladies of supreme delight: chocolate! So was born a regime Cinch !, a fun and catchy name that burns minimum 5 kg in 30 days.
The three golden rules of diet Cinch!
1. Eat 4 times a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. Have breakfast an hour after you woke up.
2. Program your meals every 3-5 hours. In this way you train your metabolism to burn more fat throughout the day.
3. Allow yourself to eat every day two squares of dark chocolate. Studies have shown that both quenches appetite for sweet and salty, and the effects on the psyche are wonderful. You get rid of the feeling of frustration regarding restrictive diet!
How does Cinch weight loss diet?

Cinch Diet! It works on the following principle: every meal is mandatory consists of 5 parts: protein, whole grains, fruit or vegetable a vegetable fat and a fragrant sauce-based condiments. Breakfast and snack containing fruits, vegetables have lunch and dinner. Otherwise, the configuration is identical in all 4 meals.

Sweets of commerce, sodas, food semi-prepared or fast food, excess salt and sugar, pork and alcohol are strictly prohibited. Also, a minimum of 15 minutes daily are recommended sport, whether jump rope, walk your dog in the park or go to the gym.

Breakfast Sample:
French pancakes with fruit
– 2 slices of bread
– One whole egg and one egg white only
– ½ cup skim milk
4 crushed nuts
March 1 to 10 blueberries
– cinnamon
Beat the whole egg or egg whites, mix with milk and two slices of bread softens. Fry until golden brown them in a pan in which you half tablespoon melted unsalted butter. Take them on a napkin, put over apple slices and blueberries, then everything powdered cinnamon.

Lunch Sample:

Salad with sautéed onions and cheese
– 2 medium onions
– 2 slices of cheese unsalted
– A green salad
– Balsamic vinegar, lemon juice

In a pan Heat a teaspoon of olive oil and sauté onion until transparent solzisorii. Add them over the salad, cheese cut into cubes, add balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and pepper. Serve salad with whole grain crackers.

Dinner Sample :

Chicken with spinach
– Fresh spinach leaves
– Chicken breast
A handful of pasta
– Cherry tomatoes
– pepper
– garlic
Olive oil, basil, pepper

Cut into cubes and browned chicken breasts in olive oil. Sauté spinach, tomatoes and pepper, and finally add garlic and pepper. Combine them all in a bowl with the cooked pasta in advance.

Cinch Diet Healthy Snacks

Candied fruit, almonds, walnuts, cashews, peanuts – all raw, popcorn, snacks of cheese with grapes, Greek yogurt with honey, oats homemade muffins.

Diet Results may vary depending on your health status and characteristics of each body. Before starting any diet, please consult your doctor.

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