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15 ways to regain trust in You 5/5 (1)

ONE of the most common problems that hitting someone along life is self-confidence. Specifically lack of confidence itself and in their own actions. Thus, acting without believing that it will succeed. The major problem is that it starts with the thought that he can not succeed, he does not know …

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5 ways to build your self-confidence ! 5/5 (1)

Persons trusting of their own strength succeeded “performance” to be appreciated for who they truly are, although are not perfect, and besides many qualities, have also a lot of flaws. Confidence is a crucial element in achieving personal and professional success and the good news is that it can be …

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15 Essential foods containing proteins 5/5 (4)

  Proteins are composed of amino acids and perform two essential functions: growth and repair of body structures and, in particular muscle. Therefore, a diet high in protein helps us to have energy throughout the day, to have strong muscles, metabolism and pronounced to be healthy. The body does not …

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About Swimming and lose weight ! 5/5 (4)

Swimming tone relaxes at the same time! So burn three times and half more calories by swimming than you burn in a walk through the park. Now that’s a deal! If you do not like doing laps of the pool little tricks that you can call to help you lose …

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