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Self-image, self-esteem and self-confidence

Self-image, self-esteem and self-confidence

What is confidence? How do we know that a person has a good self-confidence and self-esteem and another has no confidence and has low self-esteem? What are objective signs that help us draw these conclusions?

But how we think about ourselves? How do we know if we have trusted us and one positive self-esteem?

How to show one positive self-image? But one negative self-image? What are the consequences of a positive self-image / negative? What are the factors that favor the development of self-esteem? What link exists between self-image, self-esteem and self-confidence? Worth or self-esteem to be gained? How to build confidence?

All these questions helped me to see more clearly in my thoughts and to structure my ideas about self-image, self-esteem and confidence.


Self-image is defined by how we perceive our own physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual dimensions that shape and strengthen our self. depending on our perception at a time of our development, what we want to be or what we might become, we can distinguish several aspects of our self: self current self and ego ideal future.
Self-image influences our behavior, so it is important to us we perceive as fair, to develop realistic beliefs about ourselves.

There are people who, although they have one nice physical appearance be levied as either too weak or too fat, too tall or too short, smart enough etc. The perception of itself does not represent the truth about us, it is only a map” its “territory” (“The map is not the territory” – PNL), a barometer of our sense of well. Harmonious relationships with family members and others, professional performance, taking on responsibilities in accordance with its own resources indicate a positive self-image, while the absence of motivation or low motivation, aggression defensive behaviors to avoid, resistances to change are the main index for negative self-image.


Self-esteem is how we evaluate ourselves in relation to others and their own expectations and awareness is directly proportional to our value. Every human being is unique and has a value that deserves to be respected. The value of a human being is the sum behaviors, actions and potentialities of its past, present and future. The capacity of human beings to project into the future, to make sense of, and anticipate becoming like by referring to past successes and experiences and beliefs about their efficacy contributes to strengthening self-esteem.
I hear many parents say “I do well, I know I let that do better” or “You’re too small, you can not do that.” Such phrases can kill in infancy confidence. Wanting to keep him from suffering and setbacks in life, many parents protects children and keeping them addicted thus preventing them to develop self-confidence.


Self-esteem is more dependent on our ability to do certain things, while self-esteem is the result of a self evaluation and has a very important role in determining our identity. A positive self-esteem is based on positive perception of our own behaviors. It is therefore important to respect our needs and limits for our actions make us worth, to be viable in our eyes.

Confidence is innate and not only depends on the education I received in childhood when our parents taught us to do with them and we are stimulated to assume responsibilities to become autonomous in life. confidence is realistic and predictable as it is based on tangible results achieved in the past on real experiences that a person has lived and enabling it to predict the results of which are expected in the future. So self-confidence is not blind and shows one certain amount of uncertainty. It is based on awareness of their knowledge and skills in a particular field, the positive results previously obtained and is maintained by gradual approach other experiences in order to secure and transfer skills and to discover other competent I was not aware .

It is important that new experiences to be addressed gradually because repeated failures to new experiences for which we are unable to find an explanation may have negative effects on self trust and and self-esteem. If we are flexible and we can reframe our actions and experiences so as to see the good, positive things and learn something of what happens to us, we manage to build confidence and strengthen our self-esteem. Our beliefs directs our behavior, so it is important to keep those beliefs that are good for us and help us to change our frames of reference. Approach a situation from a different perspective allows us to change our reactions, to develop new behaviors more appropriate present situation and thus obtain better results in life.

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