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Health. 5 proven benefits of coconut oil

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It is ideal for skin care and to use it in the kitchen, but has a lot of benefits for your body.

Always choose cold-pressed coconut oil because you will fully enjoy all the benefits of his body. Whether you use it to your skin care, skin or hair, whether you include in your recipes, coconut oil is considered a superfood.

Here are five proven benefits of coconut oil:

1. Stimulate function of brain

Because it contains healthy fats, coconut oil boosts cognitive performance in people with advanced age suffering from and serious illnesses Alzheimer’s.

2. Stimulate metabolism

Medium chain fatty acids are found in cold-pressed coconut oil is not stored in the body as fat, liver but used as soon for energy.

3. Protects the heart and lowers cholesterol

Coconut oil contains a type of fat that increases the good cholesterol and lowers him the wicked, so that is a food esenţail to keep your heart healthy.

4. Moisturize skin and hair

Use coconut oil as a hair mask twice a week and you’ll be much healthier hair and tidy. Also, your skin will get a real treat if you use coconut oil instead of other commercial lotions. Use coconut oil and remove makeup, then performing a gentle massage of the face for a deep moisturizing.

5. Can be used as a lubricant gel

Vaginal dryness is a problem encountered frequently enough, therefore in order to avoid oil-based lubricants is preferable to use coconut oil cold pressed to get a game of love no pain.

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