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Fitness for Beginners , small tips and instructions

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Going to the gym is, undoubtedly, the capital challenge for the modern human. For many, a reality for many, an aspiration for many a market mill and, unfortunately, very many, the slow action subject to the most popular tactics: tactics postponement. As with arhicunoscutelor jokes on diets, going to the gym and he entered the pseudo-routine decisions such as “Monday”, “tomorrow” or “this year“. Excuses covers a wide range from lack of time or lack of money training hall, but an excuse remains essentially an excuse. It’s all about motivation. And Barack Obama makes workout and less is always better than nothing.

So for those who still cling to the wire false arguments or do not find the impetus they need or who, for one reason or another, are afraid of going to the gym, I realized below using Alexander Ceobanu, personal trainer at Pescariu Sports & Spa, a miniguide for beginners, which brings together some recommendations elementary and essential tips that myself I will follow scrupulously not only in these six weeks of the campaign “Eat, run, weakens!” but henceforth. I hope to inspire you!

1. What is most important to know is that if a program is properly tailored to their requirements will put a base and will accumulate information from the first moon walk at the gym.

2. A personal assessment will determine the duration and frequency of exercise.

3. We all have free will. Only temperance bring the desired results.

4. indicator intensity is not burning fat. Ideal is just to avoid this and to get training at a comfortable level, not torture.

5. Diet combined with exercise complex generates the best results.

6. pounds is not the only benchmark of progress. The body needs time to create balance.
7. Beginners are recommended vitamins, energizers not.8. Proper nutrition is essential, however, according to medical tests and medical history, can add supplements such as vitamins, enzymes, probiotics, Omega 3.9. From internal motivation starts! It is vital first step. Information will surely follow, but the motivation must be operated in both directions.10. If you have not ever a sporting activity, it is advisable to use a professional in the field or to inform yourself alone. Otherwise, you risk wasting both to time and to hurt yourself.

11. Not all beginners alike. They may have 150 kg or 70 kg, 16 years or 70 years – to the gym there are no templates. The only certainty is that we all had the same needs: we can move, to have a minimum of resistance, a minimum of flexibility and, based on these principles, we begin to build a program.


An oasis of relaxation on the shores of Lake Tei, club sports and wellness Pescariu Sports & SPA includes a gym, efficient rooms dedicated courses for aerobics, cycling and boxing, an indoor and one outdoor, both semi-Olympic and a wellness area with SPA and massage. Sports lovers have at your disposal eight tennis courts practicable 12 months a year, 2 squash courts and a football field with nocturne. For children, the club offers special classes of chess, tennis, squash, swimming, gymnastics, dance, karate, fencing and yoga.

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