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Benefits of cherries and cherry


Benefits of cherries and cherry


Both cherry, and cherry – trees strangers – are part of the same plant family – the rose. Cherry can reach up to 12 meters high, while cherry rarely passes 10 meters.
For medicinal purposes harvested cherry and cherry stems, from which a decoction prepared.
Important active substances: the flavonoid derivatives, especially tannin and potassium salts.


Cherry stems decoction or that. (Or mixed) is good treatments for kidney diseases, being also an active diuretic. This tea is recommended for regulating intestinal activity. It is also indicated in diseases like diarrhea, skin, pyelonephritis, cystitis. Tea cherry and cherry stems can be eaten, but not only to improve a condition or another, but for maintaining a good general.

Medicinal effects, certainly not the magnitude that we have tails, have fruits as such and cherry pits and cherries.

Akin to the common cherry, cherry Turkish or mahaleb is also part of the rose family. Value is not only timber or, but leaves that are used as a spice (have a strong flavor, great), the best effects in the digestive system.

Cherry is grown in many countries, especially in Turkey, USA, Iran, Italy, Russia, Syria, Spain, Ukraine, Romania and Greece. It contains vitamin C, B1 and A. Because it contains fewer calories, cherry is used for weight loss. It also increases the body’s resistance to disease.

There are several benefits of cherries for almost every part of the body. Fruits, stems, leaves, flowers and bark are very useful. But if you ask, “What is most beneficial”, the answer should be “tail”.

After eating cherries, do not throw tails. They should be dried in the shade, boiled and then drunk (5-10 minded cook and drink a cup every morning and evening).


Regarding benefits, cherries:

Strengthens the nerves, have a calming effect
– Good site
– Useful for kidney
– Diuretics
– Cleans the blood
– It prevents the formation of kidney stones
– Effective against rheumatism, arthritis and atherosclerosis
– It has the effect of ease pain
– Cholesterol
– Help lose weight
– They are easy to digest
– Very useful for liver

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