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The best 5 detox juices !


The best 5 detox juices

These juices have a beneficial effect on health, digestion, helping you to lose body providing important nutrients. A detox should not be associated with starvation, but only with the elimination of processed foods to allow the body to eliminate toxins efficiently and receive the nutrients that absorbs them more easily.

Cells when not benefit from specific nutrients in optimal concentrations, consumes aberrant produce excess free radicals and does not neutralize, not eliminate waste, grow old and die quickly, asking to be replaced more quickly. In other words, cell dysfunctions directly affect appetite and metabolism mechanisms. Therefore, to initiate the process of weakening the cells need to be healthy and be guaranteed a certain optimum concentration of micronutrients

Here are the best juices for detox:

1. The juice of green wheat sprouting

The 5 best juice detox

Through the process of germination, wheat grass has a high level of nutrients and enzymes, allowing nutrients to penetrate quickly into the bloodstream. Wheat grass contains all nine essential amino acids and is full of chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals. Studies suggest that these benefits improves digestion and relieves stomach disorders, and due to high content of chlorophyll is effective in fighting cancer. When chlorophyll enters the bloodstream, it stimulates hemoglobin, oxygen enriched body cells and clean them from harmful substances.

The juice of wheat grass is an excellent detoxifying, facilitating the elimination of body toxins and excess fat. Furthermore, wheat grass juice is one of the most potent liver detoxification.

2. Vegetable juice


Vegetable juices have the advantage of not raise blood glucose as juices fructe.Multe happens to people who do detox is based solely on fruit juices, which, however – often – and therefore prevent ketogeneza has place a “fusion” of fat in detox belts. Ketogeneza is a natural process that occurs when physiological fats are converted into energy by the body when it is not receiving enough glucose (carbohydrates). The fat is broken down into ketones and used as fuel instead of glucose and thus melts body fat reserves of the body. Ketogeneza from a healthy person can occur when they do not receive or receiving fewer carbohydrates than necessary during periods of strenuous exercise or when they follow a diet with low carbohydrate but high in fat.

A vegetable juice consists of a combination of tomato, carrot, cucumber, celery, cabbage, onion, lemon, dill, basil, parsley represents the ideal solution for detoxification.

3.Juice pineapple


Of all fruits, pineapple is most effective detox diets because it helps to improve digestion, thanks to an active ingredient called bromelain. This substance decomposes quickly and contribute to the digestion of food, so as to avoid constipation and bloating. In addition, pineapple is rich in vitamin C, which speeds up the metabolism and provides energy. Pineapple helps fight cravings and unhealthy as it contains tryptophan and serotonin increase the production, ie the hormone responsible for mood. Another reason to eat pineapple is its ability and very good diuretic that prevents deposition of fats in the body.

Pineapple is rich in potassium, vitamin C and supports the immune system by restoring red blood cells. It is an excellent source of fiber, nutrients that quench your appetite and prolong satiety. Meanwhile, the pineapple is poor in calories, even if very sweet.

4. Beetroot juice


Beetroot contains a complex of vitamins and minerals how rarely we find, in addition, can help cure some tumors, liver, cardiovascular, digestive, strengthens immunity and is a powerful anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and energizing.

Beetroot contains whole complex of B vitamins, potassium, manganese, vitamin C, vitamin A, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, calcium, sulfur, antioxidants and iron, in other words everything the body needs.

5. Carrot juice

juice carot

Carrots have a high water content (about 88%), but are also an excellent source of dietary fiber and protein. The juice is easily assimilated in the body is incredbil of satiating and helps in combating hunger due to high content of fiber and protein. Low glycemic index carrot juice gradually allow assimilation in the body and maintain optimal blood sugar levels, so the brain to perceive the feeling of satiety for a long time.

Lastly, carrot juice has a very low caloric intake and causes the body to burn fat stores for energy. Let us not forget that carrot juice is an excellent detoxifier, improves digestion, helps eliminate toxins accumulated in the liver and cleans the blood vessels of cholesterol buildup.

When choosing a detox juices always aware that the contribution came from vegetables must be greater than the fruits and hunger must be almost non-existent. In this sense you can complete diet with gluten-free bread. In addition every time you opt for organic juices, obtained by cold pressing for all nutrients remain intact. Lastly drink plenty of water to help the detoxification process.

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