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15 Essential foods containing proteins

15 Essential foods containing proteins


Proteins are composed of amino acids and perform two essential functions: growth and repair of body structures and, in particular muscle. Therefore, a diet high in protein helps us to have energy throughout the day, to have strong muscles, metabolism and pronounced to be healthy.

The body does not store protein so if we eat foods rich in these substances, we will not gain weight.

It is known that most proteins contain red meat, beef, pork or lamb, but they have, in addition to amino acids, and many fats consumed in excess, lead to serious heart disease.

Source largest and most healthful protein is the white meat – chicken and fish. But there are other foods that contain amino acids that should be part of your daily diet.

Daily recommended the protein is 1 g / kg for females and generally sedentary individuals, and up to 2 g / kg body weight for athletes and people in severe diet.

Protein foods:

1. Fish – it is recommended both the white and the “blue” ocean which, in addition to protein, rich in Omega3;

2. Seafood;

3. Chicken without skin;

4. Lean beef (grilled or boiled);

5. Yogurt;

6. Skimmed milk;

7. Cottage cheese lean (fat);

8. Eggs (eaten cooked, not fried);

9. Chicken liver or pork (eaten cooked without oil);

10. Grapes / raisins (in small quantities, because they are rich in carbohydrates);

11. Peas, mushrooms, cauliflower, leeks, spinach, garlic, cabbage;

15 Essential foods containing proteins1

12. Tomato paste;

13. Nettles;

14. Olives, nuts;

15. Chocolate.

These foods are consumed alone or combined with vegetable salads and other neutral products that are not high in carbohydrates for healthy nutrition. If you want to lose weight must be very small quantities and quality foods.

Not all meats contain protein with essential amino acids, so evades sausages, bacon and sausages site. Take a balanced menu, so a mass of quality protein and vegetables and other meals from carbohydrates. Proteins in foods keep you in shape longer than carbohydrates, so they are ideal for lunch.



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